Chief Instructor Jeff ensures that practitioners of JEDOKAN reside in a zone of friendly support during the course of their study. His hands-on approach to teaching, sense of humor, and a true desire to help guarantees that participants will find themselves in a safe, family environment. JEDOKAN is not just good for the body, or the mind, it is good for the soul. Join the class and find new brother, sister or friend. Surround yourself with like-minded, goal oriented, fun people and you will find your chances of reaching your own goals have increased tenfold. JEDOKAN is your home away from home, your pilgrimage to better and brighter days....and you are not alone in your quest.  

Although our dedicated students span many races and ethnic groups, at JEDOKAN we pride ourselves on being a humble, supportive Family. Chief Instructor Jeff has created a safe place for kids and adults to develop their minds, bodies and souls, while learning the path of righteousness, strength and discipline.