Jeff Jeds started martial arts training in the Far East, his country of origin. He was about eight years old when he first learned boxing and practical self-defense taught by his father and uncle who were in the military. When Jeff moved to the United States, he continued practicing and learning martial arts, moving into Tae Kwon Do-Hapkido, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Shotokan. Still striving for greater knowledge, he began training with Robert and Ben Torres, Founders of the Kuroi-Samurai Shotokan Karate-Do.

During his training with the Torres brothers, Jeff also joined the KAFEPHIL (Karate Arnis Federation of the Philippines)– USA Chapter, the founder and president of which was Dr. Guillermo “Doc” Barcelona Lengson. Dr. Lengson taught Jeff the Black Banders fighting system, which later was renamed by Jeff as the Lengson Karate Arnis which was known back in the Philippines as "KAFEPHIL style", a modernized form of Shotokan and Arnis. Although Jeff trained under different forms of martial arts, analyzing and comparing the different styles and systems. Ultimately, it was the Torres brothers’ and Dr. Lengson’s training methods which he felt to be the most scientifically correct and realistically effective for both physical conditioning and attaining versatility in martial arts. 

With this belief in mind, Jeff began teaching people using a new system of martial arts which integrated methods he developed based on Dr. Lengson's and the Torres brothers’ systems, in conjunction with techniques learned from other systems he studied as well as his experience in both competition and actual street fights. On December 27, 2004, JEDOKAN Martial Arts was officially registered as the name of the system and school which Jeff Jeds founded.  Jeff established a family oriented organization that focuses on teaching a martial arts system that leads practitioners to becoming versatile and self-actualized. Today, JEDOKAN continuous to grow through its sophisticated and effective training methods.