JEDOKAN is a modern martial arts system with traditional principles and discipline. It utilizes a unique training method that incorporates the most effective drills for self-defense into one comprehensive, dynamic system. While a martial arts ‘style’ limits an individual to a certain way of fighting, JEDOKAN’s training methods condition its practitioners to be versatile. JEDOKAN specializes in training its members to be proficient in empty-hand combat and weaponry. Unlike most martial arts training, JEDOKAN is not a style, with the specific trademark of a puncher, kicker, or a grappler but rather a system that ensures versatility and adaptability.

There are martial arts teachers and students who argue that a martial arts style is insignificant in determining the outcome of a situation, but, rather, that success is determined solely on an individual's own ability.  While true that an individual's ability plays a role in any martial arts training, a particular system programs an individual's reaction; and, an individual's reaction/response is what determines his success or failure in a confrontation.  Subsequently, it is imperative that a system trains an individual to react appropriately to a variety of situations, making the system equally as important as the individual's own ability.